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Today’s extremely competitive market conditions are driving enterprises to transform their business and IT processes rapidly to deliver high-quality software at speed. ValueMomentum offers advanced quality assurance and testing services, encompassing test automation and agility throughout the SDLC, to help enterprises achieve faster and better delivery of innovative products and services. Today, leading banking, insurance, and healthcare enterprises are enjoying the competitive benefits of QualityLeap.

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Core Modernization

Modernize your core systems to meet changing market demands, accelerate time to market of your software/solutions, and provide real-time customer experience. Driving core modernization projects to success not only relies on strategic planning, but also on your readiness to invest in QA and testing. ValueMomentum’s expert core modernization testing team provides deep industry expertise, along with an array of innovative testing methodologies and accelerators, all proven to produce successful outcomes.

Testing Center of Excellence

Traditional, decentralized testing approaches have become obsolete due to erratic testing processes and underutilization of people, infrastructure and tools. The increasing need to stay competitive and introduce new products and services at digital speed is driving enterprises to set up a centralized testing function – the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). ValueMomentum’s TCoE services help enterprises centralize and streamline QA practices to achieve improved operational efficiency and optimal utilization of people and tools, while reducing costs.
The ValueMomentum team demonstrated what I believe are the values of our company, going beyond the expected to ensure the successful implementation of this project. Due to their detailed planning and organization, and their alignment with the rest of our IT team and business team, they were able to react and be nimble when the System Integration Testing (SIT) cycle was shortened, when dates had to change, and when scope was added during SIT testing. They also adjusted their schedules and worked long hours, even coming in on the weekend to ensure all data would be entered in time for the passes that were being run.
Applications Manager
Multi-line Midwestern P&C Insurer

Quality Engineering

Enterprises today are working towards achieving digital transformation for accelerated delivery of quality software and solutions. For this, testing needs to shift left and become an integral part of each phase of SDLC, ensuring every build is bug-free. ValueMomentum’s Quality Engineering services leverage process frameworks, methodologies, and tools to help enterprises across various industries deliver quality software and solutions right from the start, offering an enriched and consistent customer experience.

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