Core Upgrade

Better serve your customers by staying on the latest version of your core platform

Upgrade your core platform to secure continual benefits and maximize ROI

The insurance ecosystem is getting heavily disrupted by new business models, technology innovations, and InsureTech players. To stay on top of disruption, insurers need to keep their core systems up-to-date to seek maximum value from their investments. With modern core platforms, upgrades can provide a host of new benefits, including new technical and functional capabilities, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced platform security and performance, making it hard for insurers to ignore. That’s why insurers need partners like ValueMomentum who bring expertise across core technology platforms, application, and business areas to accelerate their upgrades with minimal disruption and maximize their value for money

Here’s what we can do for your company

Upgrade Assessment

Whether it’s a self-managed cloud or a platform hosted cloud, insurers need to evaluate the need, benefits, and risks that they are likely to encounter during an upgrade. The hardest part of the upgrade is to evaluate whether all parts of the enterprise ecosystem is consistent with the new upgrade platform capabilities and features. Fortunately, ValueMomentum’s experienced team of upgrade specialists have the skillsets and industry-know-how to strategize, assess and plan for core platform upgrades.

Upgrade Implementation

Once insurers have decided to upgrade their core platform, the next challenge that they will likely encounter is what to upgrade and how to upgrade. Insurers need to decide if they will settle in only for a technical upgrade, or they would like to implement new features available as part of the upgrade. To make the upgrade successful, insurers need a team of specialists, including business analysts, technology consultants, integration experts, data conversion and reporting analysts, quality assurance specialist, and project managers. ValueMomentum’s experienced delivery team equipped with upgrade tools and frameworks have the right skillset and experience to successfully deliver an upgrade with agreed scope, on-time, and on-budget to the delight of both IT and business users.

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