Customer Communication Management Services

Win in an experience-driven world with unified multi-channel customer communication

Staying relevant in a digital-first world requires next-gen customer communication management (CCM) capabilities

With customers demanding exceptional digital experiences, strategic communications partnerships are essential for success. That’s why leading insurance, banking and healthcare companies firms leverage ValueMomentum’s CCM services to gain advanced industry-specific technology expertise for streamlining operations, ensuring compliance, increasing engagement and enabling unified multi-channel communications on OpenText Exstream and SmartCommunications SmartCOMM platforms.

Here’s what ValueMomentum CCM services can do for you.

CCM Consulting Services

Our consulting services helps deliver Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions that transform the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiency. We provide support for identifying and removing inefficiencies in the overall document output management processes and help automating the document workflow process with less IT intervention.

Expert Implementation & Testing

Our implementation and testing service helps enterprises with design and implementation of an adaptive document automation and content management architecture to support their digital strategy. A flexible Customer Communication Management architecture allows business users access and customize content quickly and easily in a controlled manner.
"Quantitatively, the project (with ValueMomentum) achieved impressive results. We’ve reduced the volume of forms by 28%. Additionally, we expect annual savings of 70,000 business user hours once form data fill, system-generated submission, and centralized printing is complete."
Marcus Knuth, Vice President, Enterprise Technology

CCM Center of Excellence

A ValueMomentum CCM Center of Excellence helps enterprises define best practices, build accelerators to improve quality and productivity and drive efficiencies across multiple business units in an organization. Our deep knowledge in multiple CCM tools enables us to build accelerators which help to reduce the project delivery time and cost.

Migration and Upgrade Support

We offer enterprises proven methodologies and tools to migrate legacy print applications to modern CCM platforms like OpenText Exstream, and SmartCOMM TM. These tools and utilities reduce the forms design and migration effort significantly to meet your objectives of speed to market, reducing the maintenance costs and minimizing complications.

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Resources for Customer Communication Management

  • Acuity implemented a CCM platform and forms portal to standardize and
    centralize correspondence across the enterprise
  • The 18‐month project resulted in the conversion of over 1,000 forms
  • They saved 1,250 business user and IT hours in 2017, along with a 65% reduction in forms maintenance resources
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