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Revolutionize your CCM architecture to keep up with the exponential nature of communication

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Adapt or perish—that is the name of today’s game. Nowadays, businesses must offer near-flawless customer experiences, or risk losing all their customers to younger, more technologically savvy companies. Simply put, traditional customer communication processes are error-prone, outdated, and thus incapable of delivering the smart, personalized, consistent, and real-time information that today’s consumers consider the bare minimum. ValueMomentum can help you make the winning moves by designing and implementing a CCM platform that consolidates all customer communications within a single seamless omni-channel solution.

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Solution Design

The best time to implement a multi-channel CCM system was yesterday. The second-best time is today. Whether in the cloud or on-prem, ValueMomentum can help your firm develop and execute an engaging, multi-channel CCM strategy that integrates everything from profile management to output tracking in a single streamlined solution.

Interactive, Batch & On-Demand Communications

Amplify engagement by implementing interactive and on-demand communications. The era of generic bulk mail is over, and businesses are scrambling to adapt to the 21st century’s expectation for information that is interactive—meaning dynamic and two-way via channels including self-service, e-mail, SMS—and on-demand, such as via call centers and automated chatbots. What are you waiting for? A lifetime of winning customer loyalty is on the horizon.

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Resources for Customer Communication Management

  • Acuity implemented a CCM platform and forms portal to standardize and
    centralize correspondence across the enterprise
  • The 18‐month project resulted in the conversion of over 1,000 forms
  • They saved 1,250 business user and IT hours in 2017, along with a 65% reduction in forms maintenance resources
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