Leverage a cutting-edge core to achieve unmatched productivity and ROI

Boost your bottom line by maximizing investments in core systems

The insurer landscape is changing rapidly with new technology advancements, digital consumerization, new evolving risks disrupted further by the pandemic, and innovative business models. Insurers are facing increased competitive pressure to balance profitable growth with operational excellence while responding to evolving market demands. To survive, thrive, and grow, Insurers need resilient and adaptable core systems to maximize growth with product and distribution innovation, new business models, superior customer experience and optimize operations with superior underwriting and minimized run costs. Insurers need support of trusted partners to manage complex transformation and to leverage the capital invested on core systems. ValueMomentum offers comprehensive services to transform, run and upgrade core systems with speed, efficiency, reliability, and value for money.

Our Core Partners

Here’s what we can do for your company

Core Advisory

The first step to any major transformation is to develop a clear strategy and plan to ensure you know where you are headed and that you're getting the most from your investments. At ValueMomentum, we've been serving insurers for 20+ years and our Core Advisory Team is ready to utilize their industry expertise to help you develop and refine your product model and rating strategy, integration and underwriting approach, business and technology solution, and your overall program roadmap.

Core Implementation

Whether you seek to grow by entering new market segments, launch new products, or expand into new geographies, ValueMomentum's team of core experts is here to help. With robust and proven methodology covering digital distribution to core systems to data management, refined approaches for product, rules, process, transaction, screen, integration and forms development, and comprehensive testing and program management framework, our team of industry professionals will be with you every step of the way to implement your core changes and actualize your ROI goals.

Core Application Management Services

If you need help to adapt to regulatory changes quickly, stabilize systems reliably, support applications efficiently, or keep the lights-on with legacy, ValueMomentum has the industry know-how necessary to drive the greater good both inside and outside of your company. With holistic approach towards maintenance across technology, application, and business streams, ValueMomentum can help you achieve better productivity and improved quality with minimized run costs. So, don’t wait until tomorrow to do what you can today—now is the best time to begin maximizing the value of your multi-million dollar core system investments!

Core Upgrade

Get it right with core upgrades. Whether you are looking to upgrade to a newer version, move to your self-managed cloud, or migrate to SaaS, you can trust our team of experts to take the busywork out of the equation. Are you ready for more time, money, and an energy-efficient future?