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Customers are the lifeblood of any company. Their satisfaction determines not only your company’s success, but its very survival. The 21st century is marked by an unparalleled change in everything, including customers’ expectations for personalized, relevant communications that are accessible whenever, wherever, and through whichever channel they want it. You can trust ValueMomentum’s team of expert consultants to assess and develop a custom CCM blueprint that optimizes engagement through omni-channel delivery, increases productivity, and enhances the customer experience.

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Implementation Evaluation Support

A cutting-edge CCM system—done right—can be the transformative edge your firm needs to stay competitive. CCM approached with poorly defined goals, disjointed legacy systems, and lack of technical expertise, on the other hand, can be devastating in a society of tech-savvy consumers. That’s why dozens of companies play it smart with ValueMomentum. With our industry-specific depth of expertise, we can evaluate and implement targeted CCM solutions that enable your company to drive meaningful growth across the entire customer journey.

Architecture and Solution Support

Ditch the silo mentality so that your organization can provide the seamless digital experiences that today’s customers demand. ValueMomentum can help you architect an integrated CCM solution centered on digital-centric & multi-channel delivery, automated production workflows, and cloud & on-premise solutions. Our intimate knowledge of industry-specific technology, business capabilities, and current CCM practices will empower your organization to identify gaps, overcome limitations, and ultimately improve the end-to-end customer experience.

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Resources for Customer Communication Management

  • Acuity implemented a CCM platform and forms portal to standardize and
    centralize correspondence across the enterprise
  • The 18‐month project resulted in the conversion of over 1,000 forms
  • They saved 1,250 business user and IT hours in 2017, along with a 65% reduction in forms maintenance resources
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