A Day in the Life of a
Technical Project Manager
at ValueMomentum :
Manoj Viswanadha

Manoj Viswanadha, Technical Project Manager

I am Manoj Viswanadha. I was born in Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh, India. As I reflect on my childhood, I realize that my undying passion for sports and being a school-house captain have helped me develop leadership qualities, which have carried over into my professional career. I did my bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. At college, I developed a keen interest in programming and decided to pursue a career in IT.
Tell us briefly about your career journey at ValueMomentum.
I work as a Technical Project Manager in the DataLeverage team (Data & Analytics practice) at ValueMomentum. I have nearly 3.5 years of experience with the company and have enjoyed every bit of it!

What does a typical day look like for a Technical Project Manager at ValueMomentum?
My day starts with going through the e-mails and planning my work for the day. To ensure smooth delivery of projects, I will be attending multiple internal meetings with both technical and management teams. After lunch, I will be working with various stakeholders like Project Managers, Architects, Tech Leads, and Business teams on the client side to define architecture and design of data platforms.

From five in the evening, I will be attending scrum calls, and code and design meetings to ensure technical delivery is met. I will also be participating in proof of concept (POC) / proof of value (POV) processes for different problems to define solutions using my coding and programming skills. I dedicate some time in the day for new learnings / certifications pertaining to the latest technologies and keep myself updated on the market trends.

What made you decide to come back to ValueMomentum?
Before joining ValueMomentum again, I was working as an Architect offering solutions to manufacturing clients on NoSQL Technologies. I decided to come back to ValueMomentum because I got a unique career opportunity to work as a Technical Project Manager where I could perform the dual roles of an Architect and Project Manager. I have been enjoying this role from the very first day I joined, where I support our insurance clients on their data transformation journeys.

The prime reasons for me to rejoin ValueMomentum were employee engagement, learning, career growth opportunities, and the client experience provided by the company.

What are your areas of expertise?
I have almost 12 years of experience working on NoSQL and MarkLogic technologies, helping clients in P&C insurance and healthcare domains. We are the architects of data flows, data hubs, data pipelines, and data marts. We also provide enterprise solutions to our customers that help them address their business needs as well as harness the benefits of modern technologies in the future.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities.
As an Architect, I work towards improving the MarkLogic NoSQL data platform by sharing new product updates, innovation, capabilities, and best practices with customers and MarkLogic teams. With the collaborative efforts of the entire team, our platform has grown manifold over the last two years. As a Project Manager, my work involves taking care of the scope, planning, and delivery of projects.

What are you presently working on?
Currently, I am working on a customer information management program that solves many business problems for agents and employees related to the sales process involving quote and policy binding. I am also working with the data stewards on solving data quality issues and customers to provide the best user experience.

What aspect of VM’s culture do you like the most?
In my professional experience so far, I would consider ValueMomentum as the best organization to work for. Their core values support employee growth and I would highly recommend ValueMomentum to anyone looking for a career opportunity.

How do you like to spend your time when not working?
When I am not at work, I enjoy travelling and playing table tennis. I love watching basketball and tennis in my leisure.

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