A Day in the Life of a
Guidewire Architect
at ValueMomentum :
Shrawan Kumar Mahawadi

Shrawan Kumar Mahawadi, Guidewire Architect

Hi there! This is Shrawan Mahawadi from Hyderabad. I am working as an Application Architect in the ValueMomentum’s CoreLeverage (Core Application Services) team. I have a Master’s in Information Systems from Osmania University, and I joined ValueMomentum in June 2021 during the second wave of the pandemic.

After working in the US for about 14 years, I chose to come back to India to stay close to my family in those unprecedented times. I have known ValueMomentum for almost 10 years as they were the technology partner for my previous employer, one of the largest insurance carriers in Northwest Pennsylvania. While working closely with the ValueMomentum leadership, I got to know about the organization’s collaborative work culture, friendly work environment, and talented team members. Before I moved to India, I had already made up my mind to pursue opportunities at ValueMomentum, Hyderabad once I got there. After contacting them, the ValueMomentum leadership team and TAG team offered me this role and also made my onboarding process very easy and interactive.
What does a typical day look like for an Architect at ValueMomentum?
My day usually starts with checking the meeting schedules for the day and then, browsing through the new email messages. Then, I join my team to warm up for the day by reviewing what is on the agenda and how the different tasks can be tackled. When necessary, we repurpose these meetings as working sessions.

Once we have finalized the schedule for the day, I will start working on proof-of-concept presentations and discuss new client proposals with the LOB leadership. Then, I will collaborate with the delivery teams to address any challenges or issues that they need help with.

As the day progresses, it gets busier with back-to-back customer meetings or meetings with our onshore counterparts on any proposals or demos. Every day, I set some time aside to get abreast of the latest developments in any of the insurance technology areas our teams work on and to address any training needs.

What expertise do you bring into the organization?
With over 18 years of experience in P&C insurance, implementing applications to address complex business and regulatory needs of this domain, I bring expertise in implementation of Guidewire and OneShield platform-based solutions. I also propose customer-centric practical strategies to drive solutions that are consistent with standards, roadmap, platforms, and architecture.

What are your responsibilities as an architect? How are you and your team helping our clients solve their business problems?
As an Architect of the CoreLeverage team, I work towards strengthening our Guidewire practice by enabling team members foster common understanding and knowledge on the platform through sharing of new product updates, new innovations, capabilities, and best practices.

Our team helps customers address their technology needs by proposing solutions that are suitable for not only their current business needs, but also create a vision for their future technology roadmap in managing core business applications. This is done by providing a detailed description of what needs to be done at each phase.

Tell us about some of your accomplishments in your ValueMomentum journey so far.
The Guidewire practice at ValueMomentum grew manifold since last year, thanks to the Guidewire training initiative in which I and my team members worked closely with the Guidewire technology aspirants, answering their questions, and providing clarifications. We published a blog post on how to approach Guidewire Cloud upgrade. We also presented a webinar on what to expect during Cloud upgrade, its features and capabilities.

In your experience, what is the learning and career development environment at ValueMomentum like?
ValueMomentum invests a lot on learning and development, empowering its employees to give their best. The company ensures that the employees are successful with respect to their day-to-day deliverables and strengthens their overall profile in the IT industry.

Which aspect of the ValueMomentum culture do you enjoy the most?
I truly appreciate ValueMomentum’s open-door work culture and the mutual respect that is maintained across different levels in the organization, which creates an environment of trust and collaboration.

How do you see your career at ValueMomentum progressing?
I aim to give my best every day and make an impact. I am sure that this will help me become a leader ValueMomentum can count on to grow as an organization.

How do you spend your time outside of work?
At home, my kids keep me busy all the time. When I find some free time, I enjoy movie nights with my family in my home theatre, and going on road trips. I also spend time on improving my financial literacy and planning.

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