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for MGAs, Brokers, Small & Medium Insurers

BizDynamics On-Demand Services Group,

a business unit of ValueMomentum, is focused on helping MGAs, Brokers, Small & Medium Insurers, win customers and build a profitable business by providing modern technology, on-demand services and access to data at affordable prices and with exceptional customer service. Our on-demand, cloud based solutions enable Insurers to engage agents with tailormade sites and apps and provide them with quoting and rating capabilities.

You don’t have to be left behind in the arms race for modern technology. We provide you the modern technology that you need - to compete, win clients and grow profitably.

High end cloud computing capability and enterprise-class technology services are not just for the Fortune 500. We are now making them available to everyone, on-demand and as managed services.

Data is the oxygen that your business needs. We can bring all your data together and equip you with the craft of collecting, managing and analyzing data and creating insights.

What BizDynamics On-demand Services Group can do for you:

You can leverage our modern technology to:

  • Modernize your workplace
  • Foster collaborative engagements between your workforce, distributors and customers
  • Provide exciting store fronts and an easy buying experience for your distributors and customers
  • Understand market needs, quickly create products for those needs and make them available to your chosen front ends
  • Make data-driven insights available to everyone, visually and securely
  • Boost productivity by quickly building automations and solutions that solve business challenges
  • Capitalize every viable idea by making it easy to convert ideas into custom applications


Monetize your data and capabilities by making them available granularly and seamlessly

You can leverage our on-demand services and technology expertise to:

  • Get the most out of Microsoft Azure with automation, optimization, and management
  • Maximize the ROI of your application investments with our managed services for supporting users, reducing downtime, and reducing the cost of running the applications
  • Get more out of your existing applications with our on-demand services for adding new functionality and removing defects
  • Build exciting applications, vibrant websites and engaging mobile apps with the help of our technical experts, designers, and architects
  • Launch a gateway for connecting with partners and applications with our proven integration, web-services, and API development expertise

We can bring all your data together and equip you with the craft of data to:

  • Bring all the data you need together and make it available 24×7
  • Collect, manage, analyze and distribute data assets in an efficient and agile way with a modern data platform
  • Serve reporting and analytical demands in a timely manner
  • Leverage comprehensive data about agents and customers to effectively manage front end journeys


Customer Story

Appalachian Underwriters delivers a unified digital experience with ValueMomentum’s cloud native BizDynamics platform featuring the iFoundry rating engine

Appalachian Underwriters delivers a unified digital experience, slashes its AssetGuard rate/quote timeline by 85% and cuts minimum premium price by 70% with ValueMomentum’s cloud native BizDynamics platform featuring the iFoundry rating engine
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Celent’s Global P&C portal solutions vendor spectrum featuring ValueMomentum’s BizDynamics Digital Engagement Platform

Download this report to learn about definition and functionality of a portal solution, transactional servicing features of a portal solution and about ValueMomentum's BizDynamics platform.
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Analyst Research & Report

ValueMomentum’s iFoundry Rating Engine featured in Celent’s North America Rating Engine Report

This is a reprint of the Celent's 'North American Rating Engines - Property Casualty ABCD Vendor View' report that covers ValueMomentum Inc. as a vendor for its iFoundry Rating Engine solution that helps P&C insurers with ease of modeling and managing proprietary rate plans and bureau rates.
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ISO ERC Success Story: Ryder launches and stays current with ISO

View this on-demand webinar to learn how Ryder automated its consumption of ISO rating data, refreshed its commercial auto offering with a new ISO-based product, and more.
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Independent Rating Engine for regional farm-focused insurer’s personal & commercial lines

Learn how ValueMomentum improved speed to market for implementing rating for new states and for introducing changes and improved controls by establishing strong governance around rate change processes.
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National Excess & Surplus insurer deploys ValueMomentum’s iFoundry Rating Engine & DealFoundry Express to automate ISO advisory rates

Learn how ValueMomentum automated ISO content interpretation and management processes and enabled leveraging ISO Electronic Rating Content for a National Excess & Surplus Non-Admitted Carrier.
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BizDynamics On-Demand Services Group is a Business Unit of Valuemomentum