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Deploy modern CCM frameworks that empower your firm to keep up with, or even surpass the competition. ValueMomentum’s deep expertise in key technologies enable you to assess, develop, and implement a CCM architecture that is custom designed to drive your business objectives. Our Center of Excellence can help you take out the competition by establishing best practices, building accelerators, and reducing project delivery time and cost.

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Maturity Assessment

Know where you stand, so you can successfully strategize for where you’re going. Whether you’re just starting your CCM journey, or already on your way to fully digital-centric delivery, ValueMomentum can provide insight into how your firm’s CCM system holds up to the competition.

Architecture Review

The key to actionable goals is a holistic understanding of organizational capacity. By reviewing your current CCM platform, ValueMomentum can shed light on whether your current architecture and toolsets is positioned to successfully scale into a modern CCM system that optimizes for your objectives.

Implementation Roadmap

Map the path to your future CCM system. Defining points A and B is just the beginning—ValueMomentum’s team of experts can help you establish the pros and cons of different pathways, balance costs, and give realistic timelines for your implementation roadmap.

Document Redesign, Application Workflow Efficiencies, Postal Cost Reduction, Return Mail Solutions, E-mail Bounce Backs, and Integration & Implementation of New Communication Channels

Is your firm positioned to succeed in the technological age? In a world where brand matters, template compliance, streamlined application workflows, and digital delivery are nonnegotiable. Unfortunately, most busy firms don’t have bandwidth or resources to juggle dozens of competing priorities. That’s where ValueMomentum comes in. With our technological expertise and intimate knowledge of the insurance, financial, and healthcare landscape, we can help your company make changes that drive real difference.

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Resources for Customer Communication Management

  • Acuity implemented a CCM platform and forms portal to standardize and
    centralize correspondence across the enterprise
  • The 18‐month project resulted in the conversion of over 1,000 forms
  • They saved 1,250 business user and IT hours in 2017, along with a 65% reduction in forms maintenance resources
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