Senior Software Engineer – MYSQL DBA

Job ID: POS-6779

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer – MYSQL DBA

Primary Skill: MYSQL DBA

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: 5 to 8 years

Job Summary:

Are you a Senior Software Engineer with a strong experience in MYSQL DBA Server platform who can deliver projects that conforms to business requirements or objectives? If yes, we have an opportunity that might excite you.

ValueMomentum is currently looking to fil a position of a Senior Software Engineer with strong background in MYSQL DBA Server for its Digital & Cloud team – a team of high-energy individuals who thrives in a rapid-pace and agile product development environment. In this role, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and supporting enterprise level MYSQL DBA solutions and integration components. You will work with a team of software developers, server support analysts, and database administrators to develop and support new applications and/or maintain existing applications.

Know your team:

Digital and Cloud Solutions LoB is a major contributor to our growth. ValueMomentum provides expert assistance to leading insurance, banking, and healthcare companies for speedy and successful transformation journeys. The Digital & Cloud Solutions team helps in applying digital technologies to create best-in-class customer experiences by seamless orchestration across ecosystems and enhancing operational performance. The service offerings of Digital & Cloud services include App Development, App Modernization, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, and Leveraging ITSM Automation. With matured service offerings focusing on tools and automation and being a partner of choice for our customers and prospects as we move into our growth path, your contribution to this LOB would be critical.


As a Senior Software Engineer – MYSQL DBA, your day-to-day work activities will be as follows:

  • Database Administration: Perform routine database administration tasks for MySQL, including maintenance, security, upgrades, and performance tuning to ensure optimal database operation.
  • Server and Database Security: Implement and manage server and database security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Schema Development: Build and support entire database schemas, including designing and optimizing the structure of the databases to meet application requirements.
  • Database Utilities and Automation: Develop database utilities and automated reporting tools to enhance database efficiency and streamline data management processes.
  • Capacity and Performance Analysis: Continuously analyze and address capacity and performance requirements, making necessary adjustments to maintain database efficiency.
  • Availability Monitoring: Monitor systems and database platforms for availability, promptly addressing any downtime or performance issues.
  • Backup and Replication: Oversee backup, clustering, mirroring, replication, and failover processes to ensure data redundancy and availability in case of failures.
  • Database Architecture: Design and document database architecture, including planning and implementing the structure of the database systems.
  • Maintenance Operations: Perform daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance operations on MySQL databases, such as optimization, cleanup, and performance enhancements.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot critical database issues, perform necessary restorations, and implement recovery processes when problems arise.
  • Database Security: Maintain database security through user permissions, encryption, and other security mechanisms.
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability: Implement and manage disaster recovery and high availability solutions, including failover clustering, to ensure data continuity and availability in case of system failures.
  • SQL Optimization: Create and optimize SQL queries, including the explanation of access paths for query optimization, to enhance database performance.
  • Scripting and Coding: Utilize scripting and coding skills with tools such as Unix Shell, Python, and Ruby to automate tasks and improve database functionality.
  • 24/7 Support: Provide 24/7 support for MySQL Server, including backup and recovery practices, to address any issues that may arise at any time.
  • Schema Documentation: Document and maintain database schema changes, ensuring that changes are well-documented and easily traceable.


Candidates are required to have these mandatory skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field. (or relevant work experience)
  • Database Administration for MySQL (Maintenance, Security, Upgrades, Performance Tuning, etc.) Server and Database Security Administration
  • Experience with 24/7 support, backup and recovery practice with MySQL Server.
  • Documenting and maintaining database schema changes.

Desired Skill Set:

  • Builds and provides support for entire database schemas Develops database utilities and automated reporting.
  • Create indexes, SQL queries, and resultant explanation of access paths for optimizing the SQL Good scripting.
  • Coding experience with any of the following: Unix Shell, Python and Ruby

About the Company:

Headquartered in New Jersey, US, ValueMomentum is the largest standalone provider of IT Services and Solutions to Insurers and Financial Services firms. Our industry focus, expertise in technology backed by R&D, and our customer-first approach uniquely position us to deliver the value we promise and drive momentum to our customers’ initiatives. ValueMomentum is amongst the top 10 insurance-focused IT services firms in North America by number of customers. Leading Insurance and Financial Services firms trust ValueMomentum with their Digital, Data, Core, and IT Transformation initiatives.


We at ValueMomentum offer you a congenial environment to work and grow in the company of experienced professionals. Some benefits that are available to you are:

  • Competitive compensation package comparable to the best in the industry.
  • Career Advancement: Individual Career Development, coaching and mentoring programs for professional and leadership skill development.
  • Comprehensive training and certification programs.
  • Performance Management: Goal Setting, continuous feedback and year-end appraisal. Reward & recognition for the extraordinary performers.
  • Benefits: Comprehensive health benefits, wellness and fitness programs. Paid time off and holidays.
  • Culture: A highly transparent organization with an open-door policy and a vibrant culture

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