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Next-gen QA services accelerate rollouts, instill excellence and contain costs

If you struggle with maximizing the quality, timeliness and budget of your technology initiatives, you’re in good company. Rather than choosing between the three, you can escape the paradigm that holds your enterprise hostage. Today, leading banking, insurance and healthcare enterprises are enjoying the competitive benefits of ValueMomentum’s QualityLeap. With QualityLeap, you infuse advanced QA testing start to finish, significantly accelerating your time to market while simultaneously reducing defects and enabling you to stay within, or even under, budget.

Here’s what ValueMomentum's QualityLeap can do for you.

Enhance Core Modernization

No matter what type of core system you’re adopting, whether on-prem or in the cloud, you’ll need efficient, effective and automated testing end-to-end. ValueMomentum’s expert core modernization testing teams offer you deep industry expertise, along with an array of innovative testing methodologies and accelerators, all proven to generate successful outcomes. Our passion for quality ensures you benefit from applying the right testing specialty, for the right purpose, at the right time.

Establish a Testing CoE

With the competitive pressure to introduce new products and experiences accelerating from traditional timeframes of months or years to days and hours, a decentralized testing approach is completely obsolete. That’s why enterprises are leveraging ValueMomentum’s Test Center of Excellence team to help them centralize and streamline their QA practices.

With a Test CoE you stop re-inventing the wheel and start applying the expertise and tools gained from each project to multiple other projects. This enables you to significantly improve speed to market while simultaneously boosting production quality and, as a result, ensures you can contain costs.
The ValueMomentum team demonstrated what I believe are the values of our company, going beyond the expected to ensure the successful implementation of this project. Due to their detailed planning and organization, and their alignment with the rest of our IT team and business team, they were able to react and be nimble when the System Integration Testing (SIT) cycle was shortened, when dates had to change, and when scope was added during SIT testing. They also adjusted their schedules and worked long hours, even coming in on the weekend to ensure all data would be entered in time for the passes that were being run.
Applications Manager
Multi-line Midwestern P&C Insurer

Embrace Quality Engineering

Although modernizing and enhancing your QA capabilities is critical, it’s increasingly imperative to prepare for the evolving ecosystem economy – where you rapidly connect with new business partners via API gateways. This requires moving testing processes ever-further into the engineering function to ensure capabilities are validated at the same time as they’re created. ValueMomentum’s Quality Engineering Team is helping enterprises just like yours with establishing and maturing development innovations.

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