Digital Insurance

Insurer CIO Perspectives: Digital Modernizations

Insights from Novarica & Pekin Insurance

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Many insurers are juggling competing priorities as they face the growing challenge of transforming their organization to provide better and more comprehensive digital experiences to their customers, agents and employees. Based on Novarica’s survey of 10 insurer CIOs, almost half of insurers have wrapped up their core modernization initiatives, and another 40% are committed to delivery on these objectives in the near future. As insurers complete their core modernization efforts, what additional digital and data strategies are they pursuing? What is the maturity of their various digital capabilities? Where are they at on their cloud adoption journey?

Watch our first Insurer “CIO Perspectives” webinar to get your questions answered! In this audience-driven, town-hall-style webinar you will:

  • Hear results from a CIO survey conducted by Novarica on digital modernization for you to benchmark your strategy against your peers
  • Hear how a CIO from a leading insurer is driving digital transformation at his organization
  • Get any questions you have on digital modernization; digital transformation strategies; core, data, and digital initiatives, etc. answered
  • Receive tips and advice on leading transformation efforts and driving real change from within your organization