Leading Insurance, Financial Services and Healthcare firms leverage ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services, to provide quality lift by decreasing defect slippage, shorten cycle-times by increasing throughput, and thereby reduce costs.

ValueMomentum applies a winning combination of QA expertise, industry experience and R&D investments for highly productive testing across technology platforms, architecture layers and development processes (agile, waterfall) and to cope with constant business change.

Testing departments face numerous challenges today:

  • 60-70% of testing across the test lifecycle is performed manually, offering no scalability
  • Defect slippages are not identified earlier in the test lifecycle and hence increase the total cost of quality
  • QA teams are unable to adapt to rapid or agile development approaches
  • There is a lack of agility in testing to meet demands for faster releases
  • There is a lack of clarity as to what is an optimal battery of test cases to assure quality with objective criteria
  • There are limited options available beyond leveraging offshore testing to reduce costs
  • QA departments are facing ever-increasing demand for performing validation across devices, mobile platforms, browsers and rich Internet app formats

Benefits of Choosing ValueMomentum as your Quality Assurance partner

ValueMomentum assists its Clients with an application specific testing approach to address these challenges by foremost, combining its domain experience in the Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services industries with relentless focus on automation across test life cycle, a strong metric-based testing methodology, test consulting expertise and innovation.

Organizations seeking to meet these challenges find in ValueMomentum a partner with award winning customer focus, an unparalleled record of delivery and practitioners supported by a dedicated “Services R&D” team charged with delivering technology accelerators that help drive productivity and improve quality.

Our Quality Assurance & Testing Services

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End-To-End Testing Services to drive momentum to your enterprise transformational initiatives

Comprehensive approach to test core systems implementations

ValueMomentum performs independent end-to-end verification and validation of core systems implementation. Our quality assurance services include technology and process-based approaches to requirements verification, functional requirements validation that includes business processes, core system transactions, business services, test data management, user acceptance testing support and end-to-end system integration testing to help efficiently and effectively enable the realization of the envisioned business objectives. We also test that the system satisfies non-functional attributes of the requirement specifications. Our application testing services support clients across multiple technology platforms – web, desktop, mobile, cloud – and development processes – agile, iterative and waterfall.

Requirements Verification

We perform static testing by verifying functional requirements through different technology and process-based techniques that includes model-based testing, walkthroughs, requirements clarifications, checklists that ensure testability, process flows that bring out gaps in requirements, legacy functional process flows along with downstream system dependencies.

Functional Testing

We perform comprehensive validation of application functionality across business processes, business rules, core business transactions and internal and third party business services. ValueMomentum Functional testing strategy for enterprise transformational initiatives emphasizes on technology based approach to optimize coverage and minimize defect leakage and a framework based test automation approach to test early and test often.

End-To-End Testing

We perform end–to-end system integration testing through scenarios spanning multiple sub systems to ensure that the system under test integrates, interfaces and communicates with all other downstream and upstream applications, systems, data stores and other infrastructures so as to satisfy implicit and explicit functional requirements. Towards this goal, ValueMomentum has developed expertise in automating end-to-end scenarios and automation testing of individual integration points for different integration scenarios - thus identifying issues much earlier in the test life cycle.

Continuous Integration Regression Testing

We perform continuous regression testing to ensure that enhancements, defect fixes, configuration changes or upgrades have not negatively affected the functioning of part of the system that has not been changed. ValueMomentum’s risk-based regression approach helps clients choose the right set of tests and to arrive at prioritized test suite which will balance coverage goals against effort and time constraints. ValueMomentum develops, executes and maintains the regression test automation suite for clients to drive productivity. ValueMomentum employs multiple optimization and statistical techniques towards continuously improving the effectiveness of functional regression suite to avoid “pesticide paradox”. ValueMomentum’s test automation frameworks works with multiple technology platforms, enabling seamless integration of automated regression test suite into the continuous build and deploy process towards meeting continuous integration and continuous deployment objectives.

Application Testing Service Differentiators


 ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services provides highly productive testing across various platforms
  • Domain experience in Insurance, Financial Services and Healthcare, a substantial percent with industry certifications.


 ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services partners with various alliances
  • Microsoft ALM Gold Competency
  • HP ALM Service Provider


 ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services uses leading automation tools
  • Microsoft Visual Studio - Coded UI, HP UFT, Selenium, TestComplete, TestArchitect, Seapine, Cucumber, Keynote DeviceAnywhere, Mobilelabs Device Connect, Perfecto Mobile, Jamo Solutions M-eux, Fitnesse, SOAP UI and other industry leading automation tools.

Drive productivity for your enterprise, department or program

Testing departments are today charged with the goals of testing faster, automating as much as possible and dealing with constant change. They are also tasked with validation across devices, mobile platforms, browsers, Rich Internet app formats. They must also support multiple development methodologies such as Agile, where quality concerns are shifted upstream. When contending with package applications (COTS), testing departments have to deal with SOA, SaaS, frequent updates and integration. In supporting their enterprise goals of business agility, business processes, transactions, components and services need to be tested for high quality and automation.

Most of the testing service providers typically depend on experience and manual effort for test design and functional test automation, if at all adopted, is relegated to the regression phase of testing.

Generally, test automation is limited to test execution automation which delivers only 30% efficiency when the entire life cycle activities are taken into consideration. ValueMomentum adopts a holistic approach to test automation by fostering automation across test life cycle i.e. from test design to test execution for functional, regression and end-to-end testing.

ValueMomentum has significant investments in its R&D towards building a life cycle test automation platform that address the coverage, cycle time and cost imperatives of core system implementations. ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services uses leading automation tools

ValueMomentum’s approach to Test Automation Adoption
 ValueMomentum’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services provides highly productive testing across various platforms

Deliver quality lift while reducing costs

ValueMomentum’s Test Center of Excellence provides enterprises with economies of scale through centralized testing services across all business units in the enterprise. Our TCOE is backed by a pool of career testing professionals with experience in our target Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services verticals, on various tools and technologies and testing techniques and concepts. Siloed project teams across organizations expend significant effort in establishing processes, adapting processes for their unique project needs, defining roles and responsibilities, establishing infrastructure, environments, tools, frameworks, defining an operating model to enable scalability. This siloed approach results in lack of process standardization and represented a missed opportunity to mature and optimize the federated infrastructure i.e. having multiple single purpose tools, frameworks, environments, and most importantly miss the mark on having consistent metrics, both strategic and operational, to measure the value delivered by Quality Assurance.

ValueMomentum is relentlessly focused on helping enterprises redefine Quality Assurance as a “Release Enabler“, helping Clients define the needs of shared, managed testing services model and execute against the model using pre-defined service levels and metrics.

Business Case for Managed Testing Services
  • Siloed testing groups (formal & informal) lead to redundancy in resources & skills
  • Siloed testing environments (labs) & testware (tools, hardware, frameworks) lead to redundant costs
  • Lack of uniformity in budgets, outcomes
  • Ability to garner savings from Process standardization and optimization
  • Savings from centralizing Infrastructure
  • Savings from outsourcing
  • Savings from offshoring

ValueMomentum’s Test Center of Excellence provides enterprises with economies of scale

Expert professional services to meet your specialized testing needs

Data Conversion/ Migrations Testing

Core application modernization initiatives typically involve extensive data conversion/migration of legacy databases to target application database. These initiatives require extensive validation across multiple stages of conversion/ migration workflow to ensure that data is reconciled between source and destination systems accurately. Most often, this is done manually with little to no automation, resulting in costly outcomes such as incorrect conversions, wrong record counts, and issues that only manifest during system testing or UAT. ValueMomentum has deep experience testing data conversion initiatives. Our comprehensive testing approach ensures validation of data models, legacy source data tables, domain specific data conversion rules, testing of web services that consume the legacy data files, functional testing of target system UI that display the converted data and other reporting systems downstream. We employ extensive automation across the life cycle for verification and validation to ensure data quality.

Forms/ Document Testing

Financial industry’s communication to customers is becoming increasingly electronic, accessed through multiple digital channels. Most of enterprise core system modernization initiatives grapple with output/ form/ document testing against multiple input variables. A large percentage of manual testing effort is consumed in forms/ document validation involving testing document trigger logic rules, form/ document content and layout. ValueMomentum has significant expertise in testing output for core system implementations. Our unique test automation approach address the challenges faced in testing triggering logic – for both positives and negative scenarios, form/ document content – for static and dynamic data and testing document layout – including fonts, colors and overflow.

Mobile Testing

Digitization is becoming a new norm in the financial services industry and Quality Assurance departments can longer be content with performing cursory validation of applications on select devices and browsers for compatibility of the applications. Enterprise applications need to have a comprehensive testing strategy that focuses on the functional and technical aspects of the application behavior that is expected from these digital channels. ValueMomentum provides Mobile application (native, web and hybrid) testing services to engage customers, partners and employees. We offer mobile testing strategies tailored to your enterprise mobile roadmap. Our mobile testing services span functional testing, compatibility (browser, device) testing, performance testing, usability & accessibility testing, security testing and testing on physical devices. We have expertise and experience in providing test automation solutions to multiple Financial services customers using various industry standard tools e.g. DeviceAnywhere, Perfecto Mobile, and Mobilelabs deviceConnect etc.

Integration, Middleware Testing

ValueMomentum helps Clients with testing their Service Oriented Architecture implementations. Headless testing of web services (SOAP, WCF and REST) creates new challenges for testers as they need to test these services with multiple data variations without the aid of user interface. Most often than not, the service consumers’ (internal and external systems) behavior need to be simulated to uncover defects. Also, stubbing and virtualization of services is a key aspect to validation especially in the agile development context including other concerns of scale, performance and governance of these services. ValueMomentum’s Integration, Middleware Testing extends beyond testing functionality and performance and leverages a combination of commercial and open-source tools and framework assets that ensure comprehensive service testing.

Performance Testing

ValueMomentum helps its Clients achieve and maintain mission critical applications at peak performance and scalability levels. By helping our clients, with a comprehensive approach to performance engineering, we have helped prevent slowdowns and failures that cripple productivity, drive away customers and partners. ValueMomentum leverages expertise in multiple industry standard tools e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio, HP PerformanceCenter, Neo Load, IBM Rational Performance Tester and other open source tools like Apache JMeter along with other industry standard monitoring and analysis tools to identify performance bottlenecks.

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