Implementation Support

Scale up the impact of your core investments

Industry expertise is key to optimizing initial implementation efforts and driving unmatched growth in ROI

Implementing new applications requires heavy time, energy, and cost commitments, so pulling it off properly the first time should be a top priority for any business. That’s why so many firms rely on ValueMomentum’s Implementation Support specialists to ensure that their core efforts drive high-value results. Our proven success and years of expertise makes us the right choice for time-strapped organizations looking to magnify the quality and efficiency of their enterprise initiatives.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Business Analysis

Get the vantage point you need to refine and streamline your implementation endeavors. Delivering exceptional products begins with an exceptional strategy, and smart insurers know that independent validation processes and viewpoints are indispensable for actionable innovation. Get the perspective you’re lacking with ValueMomentum. With our intimate knowledge of the industry and technology verticals, we can help put all the pieces of your business together, better.

Configuration and Architecture Support

A high-tech world requires higher-tech skillsets, but not every organization has the bandwidth to spare.Upskilling takes time, but the pressure to deliver increasingly stellar customer experiences waits for no firm. Fortunately, ValueMomentum’s experienced team of specialists and technicians have the skillsets and industry-know-how necessary for success in the digital age. Together, there’s no need to stress—your team can do what they’re best at, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Application Stabilization

We’ve got your back—literally. While your Application Development and Implementation team focuses on meeting major enterprise objectives, ValueMomentum will care of the busywork. Get the bugs and small fixes squared away from the start, so that your application can deliver the end-to-end seamless experience your customers deserve, sooner.

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Resources for CoreLeverage

Join the webinar to:

  • Learn about an approach which involves rolling out customized testing approaches for insurance business applications like PAS, billing and claims
  • Learn how Pekin Insurance & NJM Insurance successfully implemented core applications while achieving a leap in quality
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