ValueMomentum helps insurance, healthcare and financial services enterprises design and execute their digital strategy by enabling personalized omni-channel digital engagement with customer, partners and employees. We help you leverage your core system data, processes and functions, enrich transactions with content, collaboration, communication and rich insights and engage across multiple touchpoints – web, mobile, social & smart devices – to enable your omni-channel digital strategies.

We help institute digital architecture roadmap and capabilities targeted at delighting the customer and channel experience, while efficiently leveraging core capabilities and data of the enterprise. Customers benefit from our services in planning and envisioning as well as in build & rollout.

Benefits of Choosing ValueMomentum as your partner

As enterprises embark on their omni-channel digital journeys, they are faced with an overwhelming set of options related to technology selection and architecture. ValueMomentum combines deep expertise in digital – manifested in its engage-enrich-leverage approach – with experience collaborating and guiding Fortune 500 enterprises in defining the digital architecture strategy roadmap, technology selection, implementation of the selected technology and developing rich engaging apps.

We help enterprises deliver against their envisioned omni-channel strategy and we collaborative to align the needs of the customer, partners and employees to deliver targeted solutions.

Organizations seeking to meet these challenges find in ValueMomentum a partner with award winning customer focus and an unparalleled record of delivery.

Our Digital Services

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Defining your enterprise digital architecture to enable your Omni-Channel strategy

ValueMomentum offers architecture consulting services on assessment, development, governance. We assist client looking for solution on how to establish modern digital architecture to rapidly respond to market opportunities.

Architecture Assessment

ValueMomentum’s architecture assessment will help you evaluate your architecture, ensuring your business and IT stakeholders are provided with to reduce potential risk. Our approach analysis your architecture maturity, addresses all concerns about compliance, determine the architecture maturity and details out the impact of any change.

Architecture Development

Our professionals work closely with business and IT groups to articulate vision, goals and features of your architecture. Identify reusable assets and gaps. Teams are trained on our architecture development methodology to deliver the highest quality.

Architecture Governance

ValueMomentum provides enterprises with architecture governance services. By helping enterprises to rationalizing assets, define guidelines, processes and frameworks.

To be competitive in today's market place, enterprises have to think about how to deliver rich capabilities, driving personalized and contextual engagement applications. Enterprises needs to adapt changing demands of customer and partner expectations through their desired channels.

We assist clients by providing solutions to their unique engagement needs keeping business goals and value first. Our consultants are certified on technologies that enable your digital platform.

API Gateway Implementation
Expose your core system data, processes and functions in a secure and manageable way using API management tools
  • API Gateway strategy
  • API Development
  • Hybrid Integration
  • API Governance
Implement digital capabilities
  • Digital platform strategy
  • Establish & develop foundational services
  • Establish & develop technical services
  • Establish customer & partner insights
  • Establish aPaaS/PaaS DevOps
  • Govern your digital platform

ValueMomentum offers custom mobile, web, social and cloud application development services spanning requirements, design, development, testing, deployment and management for on-premises and cloud based applications leveraging aPaaS, IaaS and PaaS. We assist clients looking for a solution addressing their unique problem on how to develop rich mobile, web and social applications to engage customer, partners and employees to re-imagine their digital engagement.

Engagement strategy assessment

ValueMomentum helps our clients in developing Omni-channel engagement strategy roadmap. We adopt our maturity assessment model to baseline current engagement model and identify gaps in achieving their vision.

Mobile application development

Our clients engage ValueMomentum to develop modern engagement mobile applications to engage customers and partners. Our development team are trained and certified on developing mobile applications development platforms and processes that can adapt to continuous change for new engagement patterns

Web Application development

ValueMomentum offers full lifecycle custom application development services spanning requirements, design, application architecture, development, testing, deployment and management. We assist clients with developing rich responsive user interface that works with different form factors. Our offerings address clients looking to implement a unique solution addressing their unique problem to solve their engagement needs.

Integrating social platforms

To leverage the power of social media, todays enterprise applications have to work seamlessly with social platforms to establish their online brand. We help clients by gathering social insights to better understand the success and customer behaviour.

Application migration & modernization

ValueMomentum's works with clients to migration, modernize and upgrade their legacy applications to a modern technology and deploying them to a cloud platform to improve efficiency and performance. Our consultants are equipped and trained on methodology, tools and frameworks. Our implementation process enables business to operate on their legacy applications without down time.

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