ValueMomentum helps Insurance, Banking & Lending and Healthcare firms to maximize the value of enterprise and external data assets. With our services, we help you derive meaningful insights for enhanced decision making to run and grow your business.

Although the speed of change is accelerating with the move towards a digital business, a vast majority of enterprises have systems that are operating in siloes and with incompatible data models. This limits easy access to data, the ability to maximize the value of data assets and deriving meaningful insights for enhanced decision making.

Fostering experimentation with data is viewed as key to success with digital business, IT budgets seem to be more skewed to “running the business”. This becomes a major impediment to business as the digital revolution has created a level playing field for organizations of all sizes, thus bringing in fierce competition, making products and services commoditized.

Hence, for companies that are aiming for success in their digital transformation journeys, IT leaders need to deliver modern data capabilities. This means expanding BI & analytics capabilities beyond traditional reporting oriented platforms while emphasizing the importance of data trust and information security & governance.

As enterprises transform to digital and cognitive businesses, they are faced with a myriad of options related to technology selection, architecture and execution against data program roadmaps. ValueMomentum combines deep industry experience with data technology expertise to assist our clients to gain value and insights from their data towards their goal of becoming a data driven organization.

Pre-built and Pre-defined Assets

Pre-built processes for data consolidation, migration, insights and reports

Expertise across Data Lifecycle

Expertise across the data lifecycle spanning data consolidation, data processing, BI, reporting, analytics and cognitive/machine learning

Partnership with Leading BI Tools

Pre-Implemented use cases for traditional ETL and BI suites (open source and commercial) and modern data technologies (Hadoop, NoSQL, Apache Tool Suite)

Data Architecture Blueprints for Modernization

A catalog of tried and tested data architectures optimized for implementation to enable predictable delivery

Our Data Services Offerings

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ValueMomentum advises its clients to help maximize the value of their enterprise and external data assets. We do this by helping unlock the potential of available data and deriving meaningful knowledge for enhanced decision making. Our data advisory and consulting services enable IT leaders balance demand for modern data capabilities, while continuing to meet traditional BI & information management needs. We are enabling such IT organizations with their transformation to a digital & cognitive business. Our data advisory and consulting services include:

Data Modernization Assessment:
  • Assessment and review of current data architecture.
  • Architecture and solution design for forward compatibility & future readiness.
  • Implementation roadmap with efforts and investment.
Data Migration/Conversion Assessment:
  • Data analysis of source systems.
  • Viability assessment for right-fit migration/conversion strategy.
  • Key risks and mitigation strategies.
  • Optimal execution path for successful migration.
  • Recommendations for right-fit migration architecture.
Assessment for Optimizing Data Warehouse Operations:
  • Review of current architecture and deployment.
  • Review of current operating model.
  • Recommendations for deploying an optimized operating model.

As IT leaders embark on initiatives towards building a data driven enterprise, it is imperative that they institute a modern data architecture, identify and prioritize key initiatives that conform to the data architecture, as a program.

Building access to trusted source of enterprise data requires business specific data knowledge and set of techniques to transform inconsistent enterprise data into higher quality information. Such an endeavor requires you to execute on number of program initiatives in coherence with enterprise information management strategy that spans enterprise data consolidation, data migration/conversion to modern core system systems, data integration and optimization of existing information/data management processes.

We have assembled the team of professionals well versed in deploying modern data capabilities with the experience in navigating the complexities of enterprise information management.

Enterprise Data Consolidation:
  • Data ingestion design and consolidation to modern target data platform such as Hadoop and Other NoSQL Databases.
Data Migration/Conversion:
  • Data migration from legacy to modern core systems.
Optimizing Data Warehouse Operations:
  • Run and maintain existing Datawarehouse environment while optimizing it for process and cost efficiencies.
Enterprise Data Integration:
  • Integration with enterprise systems, cloud platforms and other data sources.

Enterprises are progressing in their journeys, implementing modern data architectures, consolidating enterprise data while improving data consistency and quality.

However putting data to work for making data driven decisions, to enhance existing products & services, to use data to create new revenue streams, to exploit previously-hidden insights, to drive self-service and enterprise reporting and to foster on-going experimentation for advance analytics requires deploying modern business intelligence & enterprise reporting tools and new capabilities & skills.

Our experienced team of business data insights, business intelligence, reporting and data analytics professionals have experience in the insurance, banking & lending and healthcare industries. Our consultants leverage data technology expertise to help you to put your data to work and effectively derive value from your enterprise data.

Business Intelligence & Enterprise Reporting:
  • Enterprise reporting from Datawarehouse and data marts.
  • Ongoing maintenance and operational support.
Data Visualization and Discovery:
  • Building self service BI & visualization capability using modern BI tools such SAP BO BI Suite, SSRS and Tableau.
Data Analytics:
  • Building capabilities such as customer centricity analytics for your digital business such as increasing sales or agency/partner effectiveness, customer acquisition and retention.

The growing demand to deliver information where and when it is needed is crucial to every enterprise. Also enterprises need new methods, tools & technologies to process large volumes of data. ValueMomentum assists enterprises with modernizing the data platform and architecture and with implementation. We assist enterprises by conducting workshops, proof of concepts to assess tool fitment. We also help design and implement modern data platform frameworks and help with implementation to address specific needs. Our services include:

  • Implementation of modern data roadmap.
  • Building data experimentation capability.
  • Capacity and capability augmentation for traditional and modern data technologies.

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