Technology innovations such as Social, Analytics, Mobile, and Cloud initiatives are gaining significant importance for enterprises towards their digital journey. These initiatives are geared to help enterprises gain a competitive advantage in the market by driving down costs, gaining efficiencies, and increasing customer engagements. Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a key lever to ensure that customer engagement is seamless and the customers gets the right message, at the right channel and at the right time.

Industry Challenges

Enterprises face multiple challenges when it comes to Customer Communication Management as it is perceived as a document output function instead of a lever to improve customer engagement and enhance customer experience at every touchpoint.

Lack of a comprehensive strategy and approach results in enterprises struggling to create coordinated and targeted communications. Customers receive disparate communications from various functions, products, and channels, sometimes with conflicting messages. This results in redundant communications that are department goal oriented than enterprise goal oriented.

A comprehensive enterprise-wide Customer Communication Management strategy with the right governance structure and technology capabilities is essential as customers increasingly seek communications, across their engagement touchpoints i.e. Mail, E-mail, Text etc., relevant to their interests and beliefs.

An enterprise-wide customer communication strategy has an appropriate governance structure that ensures both the regulated and unregulated content are created, managed and distributed. This ensures right architecture around the Customer Communication Management platform i.e. OpenText Exstream, Oracle Documaker and Adobe Experience Manager etc. This approach enables an agile communication platform that enables organizations to respond to new market opportunities faster, and meet the ever-changing regulatory challenges.

ValueMomentum Customer Communication Management (CCM) strategy has been successful in delivering multitude of customer engagement objectives to enterprises through:

Streamline Operations & Achieve Productivity:

  • Streamline all document templates to reduce development and maintenance costs.
  • Retire redundant legacy systems and migrate to a modern CCM platform /automate workflows and e-delivery.
  • Optimize customer’s communication delivery costs – reduce postage by householding documents and enabling digital delivery.

Enable Omni-Channel Communications & Increase Engagements

  • Ensure consistent company branding and messaging across all communication channels.
  • Deliver all of your customers’ documents to their preferred delivery channels Statement Letters, Notices, Forms.
  • Enable “go-green” initiatives such as email, web, SMS, etc.
  • Send targeted transpromo marketing messages to drive new business objectives.

Ensure Compliance & Governance:

  • Centralize all forms/document and template versions for compliance and consistency.
  • Access all customer correspondence fast and personalize customer communications.
  • Enable audit trails for all of your communications.
  • Enable eSignature to streamline document workflows, while complying with regulations.

Enable Business Users & Gain Transparency:

  • Grant template editing rights to customer service executives, reducing user errors by allowing controlled editing experience.
  • Enable document owners to revise, review and approve content for different distribution channels like email, fax, web, SMS, etc.
  • Enable business users to make content changes using pre-approved customer templates.
  • Enable integration with tools to provide business users access to content.

Our CCM Offerings

Capabilities and expertise to migrate legacy print applications to modern CCM platform e.g. OpenText Exstream, Oracle Documaker, and Adobe Experience Manager etc.

Most of the print vendors have announced end-of-life or end-of-support for their legacy document composition tools and are moving towards modern Customer Communication Management platforms. All CCM product vendors now offer enhanced functionality for multi-channel communications to streamline business operations and processes.

Most insurance and financial institutions’ leverage the CCM platforms currently built into their legacy systems. Many believe that migration from legacy to the modern platform is not feasible, hence preventing them from initiating migration process.

ValueMomentum has proven methodologies and utilities which can help companies migrate their legacy platform to modern CCM platform like OpenText Exstream, Oracle Documaker, Adobe Experience Manager etc. These tools and utilities reduce the forms design and migration effort significantly. We are experienced in migrating applications from a legacy to a modern platform to meet your objectives of speed to market, reducing the maintenance costs and minimize the complications associated.

Migration support services for legacy system include
  • Automated document migration approach from legacy CCM platform to modern CCM platform e.g. Legacy to OpenText Exstream.
  • Data Transformation and Data model definition finalization.
  • Document Design and Development.
  • Automated document comparison testing framework and reduce testing effort significantly.

Our implementation and testing service helps enterprises with design and implementation of an adaptive document automation and content management architecture to support their digital strategy.

ValueMomentum CCM practice can help Enterprises with design of flexible Customer Communication Management architecture around their platform of choice. A flexible Customer Communication Management architecture allows business users access and customize content quickly and easily in a controlled manner with lesser involvement from IT.

Our capabilities in Implementation and Testing include
  • Solution Design around your Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform.
  • Document output Design & Deployment.
  • Effective enablement of interactive communication needs.
  • Data & Content Integration.
  • Automated Document/ Forms Testing.
The solution design and implementation capabilities enable
  • To adapt to changes, revisions, and respond to changes with optimal effort and in near-real time.
  • Centralize rules repositories to help ensure consistently apply production, management, and distribution rules previously distributed across technology platforms.
  • To ensure business users create structured content, promote collaboration across groups, manage the central storage of the content and avoid redundant copies.

Our consulting services helps deliver enterprise-class Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions that transform the customer experience, ensure regulatory compliance and improve operational efficiency.

ValueMomentum provides consulting services in CCM platform evaluation support and CCM architecture support. The goal is to increase customer experience while deriving the full benefits of the CCM platform. In addition, our consulting services provide support for identifying and removing inefficiencies in the overall document output management processes and helps automating the document workflow process with less IT intervention.

The consulting services includes
  • CCM implementation evaluation support: Evaluate existing CCM implementation from design and architecture standpoint and identify gaps that can improve customer engagement, document output process management, and compliance.
  • CCM architecture support (Enterprise): Help customers to implement a Customer Communication Management architecture that unlocks the potential of their CCM platform.
  • Solution blueprint support: Design and Develop a comprehensive solution for creating, controlling, producing, and using customer-facing documents generated by multiple enterprise business systems.

ValueMomentum CCM Center of Excellence helps enterprises define best practices, build accelerators to improve quality and productivity and drive efficiencies across multiple business units in an organization.

The CCM COE focuses on document output management and Customer Communication Management processes relevant to Insurance, Banking and Financial industry and has competencies across multiple CCM Platforms.

The deep knowledge in multiple CCM tools enables us to build accelerators which help to reduce the project delivery time and cost.

Our CCM COE offerings include:
  • CCM Maturity Assessment: Analyze and identify the gaps in customers’ CCM maturity and provide a roadmap of improvements i.e. From unmanaged fragmented content across business units to a centralized repository of templates, and rules that enable faster response to needs, for example.
  • CCM Architecture Review: Review of customer CCM architecture and provide recommendations to meet their digital delivery goals.
  • CCM implementation roadmap: Help customers implement a modern CCM platform or migrate from a legacy platform to a modern platform or upgrade from one version to next.
  • COE setup & maintenance: While supporting a specific business unit communication management needs, we collaborate to implement the best practices, and develop accelerators that scale to organization needs and hence provide a path for COE setup and implementation without additional dollar spend.
Our CCM COE helped several customers:
  • Support projects teams to implement and maximize the capabilities of the CCM platform to deliver the batch, interactive, and multi-channel customer communication needs.
  • Implement several Process and Technology best practices and accelerators e.g. Estimation templates, Code review and Design review checklists, objects naming conventions, deployment comparison utilities, reusable configuration files that save effort and reduce complexity in configuring the platform etc.
  • Accelerators and converters to help with migration projects and reduce the development & testing efforts and total cost.
  • Document comparison regression testing frameworks to reduce time and improve quality.

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