Application Maintenance

Pair cutting-edge technology with optimized legacy systems to achieve radical IT transformation

Empower innovation and minimize long-term risk by keeping legacy solutions seamless, integrated, and productive

Strategic digital transformation isn’t an all-at-once or nothing. Doing it right takes time, and your costly legacy systems need love and attention to deliver peak performance before, during, and even after the transition. Maintaining home-grown apps on your own can drain precious organizational time and resources that could be better devoted to strategy and innovation. That’s why smart and time-savvy enterprises turn to Valuemomentum’s Application Maintenance team to keep the lights on their legacy systems so that they can focus on future proofing their business.

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Defect Fixes

Like it or not, high-tech takes time, so maintaining clunky legacy systems—for most firms—is essential for even minimum service delivery. With everything else busy companies have to do, legacy maintenance and noncritical defect fixes can feel secondary. Yet, proper upkeep is essential to prevent small bugs from snowballing into expensive, full-blown infestations. Free up time and money with ValueMomentum—our team of experts make simple fixes simpler by implementing tailor-made, modern solutions through OneShield, GuideWire, and Duck Creek.

Problem Management

While one mistake can ruin a relationship in an experience-driven world, a recurring one can spread at pandemic levels. Without properly solving for the factors and contributing causes of incidents, the base problem remains and can in fact relapse, even if surface-level issues have been addressed. ValueMomentum equips companies with the problem management tools they need to thoroughly address problems at their root, decreasing time-to-resolution, increasing productivity, and ensuring continued customer satisfaction.

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  • Learn about an approach which involves rolling out customized testing approaches for insurance business applications like PAS, billing and claims
  • Learn how Pekin Insurance & NJM Insurance successfully implemented core applications while achieving a leap in quality
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