Application Support

Harness the power of AI to drive out operational inefficiencies and advance system reliability

Build accountability into your core systems to increase productivity, save costs, and make significant gains in ROI

A single misstep can spell the end in an experience-driven economy. Production defects, poorly designed workflows, and downtime/outage hours pose a constant threat to hard-won customer relationships. That’s why dozens of top firms depend on ValueMomentum to keep their applications running without a hitch. Our accomplished Application Support team will take care of the technical busy work, so you can invest time and energy into driving the initiatives that really matter.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Incident Management

Stuff happens—we get it. At any time, everything from usability issues to screen performance malfunctions can strike, so your agility in triaging and prioritizing incidents as they occur is essential to your company’s survival. But there’s no need to go it alone; ValueMomentum can help you develop an optimized incident management methodology and governance framework that works. With us by your side, you’ll be equipped to handle anything.

Service Requests

Maximize your core investments by implementing a streamlined service request system that speeds up time-to-resolution and reduces the overall cost of request fulfillment. Busy firms know what needs to be done, but might not have the know-how to leverage the full power of automation and self-help services. Cut through the chaos with ValueMomentum, and both your customers and IT support team will thank you.

Application Monitoring

A faulty app can come at a hefty cost in our customer-centered, technological age. Safeguard your bottom line by leveraging modern application monitoring software like AppDynamics, New Relic APM, and Splunk. Detect and diagnose problems automatically, gain deep insight into your full application stack, and streamline complex environments so your firm can meet the pace of today’s digital economy.

Service Level Monitoring

Nobody likes feeling like they’re out of the loop. Make sure your business is meeting customer expectations by implementing service level monitoring software that allows for transparent employees-customer interactions. ValueMomentum can give you the tools and knowledge you need to proactively manage service levels from the business perspective, track performance in real time, and utilize meaningful goal measurement to drive higher business value.

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  • Learn about an approach which involves rolling out customized testing approaches for insurance business applications like PAS, billing and claims
  • Learn how Pekin Insurance & NJM Insurance successfully implemented core applications while achieving a leap in quality
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