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If implementing a new system wasn’t demanding enough, today’s firms must also constantly upgrade their systems to satisfy the rapid pace of innovation. Rolling out better products and capabilities faster is critical for survival in the modern era, but the influx of new vendors and their unending stream of offerings makes it easy to get lost in the noise. ValueMomentum is here to bring clarity to your cause: no matter the size of the fix, degree of the enhancement, or the particulars of your new platform, we’re equipped to dig deep and develop solutions tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Minor Enhancement

A little change can go a long way, but busy firms have long to-do lists. Knowing what your application needs can be tough pre-implementation, but there’s no need to sweat the small stuff with ValueMomentum by your side. From ISO circular changes to regulatory implementation, our seasoned team of experts are fully equipped to pull off a full range of minor enhancements, so your IT department can focus on the initiatives that really matter.

Major Enhancement

In both life and business, the best things rarely come easily. While major enhancements and upgrades require major time and cost commitments, they also come with unparalleled improvements in ROI and efficiency. For things like legacy decommissioning or modern integration capabilities, upfront investment goes a long way in maximizing large-scale, long-term growth. Bring your vision of “business done better” to life with ValueMomentum.

Platform Upgrades

Sometimes, the radical change you’re looking for is one upgrade away. Whether it’s updating your platform or keeping your software fresh and functional, ValueMomentum has the industry expertise and technical knowledge necessary to smoothly implement the changes your customers will thank you for.

State Expansion and New Product Rollout

Rapidly delivering new products and services are essential to meeting the expectations of the digital age, but not every new product or service requires another multi-million dollar investment. ValueMomentum can help you leverage your existing architecture to roll out new products and expand to other states at a fraction of the time and fuss.

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  • Learn about an approach which involves rolling out customized testing approaches for insurance business applications like PAS, billing and claims
  • Learn how Pekin Insurance & NJM Insurance successfully implemented core applications while achieving a leap in quality
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