iFoundryTM Product Configurator is a powerful, standalone product innovation hub that enables Life & Annuity Insurance Carriers to define complex products, manage these product definitions and expose valid product information, rules and calculations for consumption by other systems.

Product innovation is a critical functionality impacting revenue, differentiation, and operational efficiency. Growth, operational efficiency and competitive parity continue to be the top strategic goals driving Life & Annuity Carrier IT budgets. Regardless of a Life & Annuity Carrier’s strategy to pursue growth – distribution, new products, marketing or acquisition – product issues abound. Product Managers need specialized tools that can help them with:

  • Managing complex products
  • Tailoring product variants on a mass scale
  • Providing the right product guidance to each transaction

iFoundryTM Product Configurator

  • Establishes project-specific workspaces and controls Model Development activities with Workflows
  • Provides Visual Templates to Develop Products with Patented Technology for Product Knowledge Representation and Search
  • Makes Product Services Available for Transactions
  • Operationalizes Channel partner-specific Product Variants
  • Provides a central coordination point for all Product Changes, while seamlessly Integrating with other systems

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Competing in Today's World: Why Product Developement is the Difference-Maker

Competing in Today's World: Why Product Developement is the Difference-Maker