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Product-Centric Testing: Key Focus Areas

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Low interest rates, insurtech disruptions, expanding customer demands, and other challenges are subjecting today’s insurers to pressures their old IT and management structures can’t withstand.

So, to bulwark themselves against these forces and remain competitive, insurers are increasingly following the “product turn,” a management approach that centers the entire lifecycle of a product. Magnifying the advantages of quality engineering and application testing, product-centric management drives operational and technical efficiencies that support long-term business success.

In this infographic, you’ll discover how to conduct application testing from a product-centric perspective, including 11 key areas to focus on—from shifting to integrated teams and aligning resources to business-based product priorities, to investing in lifecycle automation as well as cognitive and A/B testing. You’ll also learn how to enable hyperautomation—and enjoy all its benefits—by incorporating both shift-left and shift-right testing.