iFoundry Bureau Rating & Analytics

iFoundry Bureau Rating & Analytics allows you to model and manage your ISO rate plans with ease

Tooling and analytics for Actuaries, Product Managers and Analysts

iFoundry makes it easy to model rate plans, test these plans, and manage them. Launch a new product, enter a new state, or enable a new channel in days, not months, with out-of-the-box ISO mixed with your proprietary rates. iFoundry allows multiple departments to collaborate in developing, managing, and filing rate plans. The What-if Analysis module provides powerful capabilities to your actuarial teams to assess the impact of ISO changes to your book, even before you publish the rate plan.

iFoundry’s Granular and Specialized approach to rates and products gives you the tools to differentiate

Harness data

Leverage data to better understand your risks, segments, and markets

Analyze profitability

Benchmark and analyze offerings to get insight into pricing and profitability

Design strategies as models

Iteratively prototype and validate your models to form competitive product strategies

Tailor products for markets / segments

Customize and distribute products to your target audience without translation losses or delays

Leading insurers trust iFoundry Rating Engine

iFoundry enables users at insurers to easily manage their ISO and proprietary rate plans. Insurers achieve business agility by taking advantage of new market opportunities, eliminate risks associated with outdated rates, and improve profitability with competitive pricing and reduced risk profile by leveraging ISO® advisory loss costs and rules.


  • Empowered business analysts to add custom rules and ratings on top of ISO base rates
  • Intuitive interface enabled business users to quote and rate their ISO lines
  • Automated ISO content interpretation and management processes
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