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iFoundryTM Rating Engine
iFoundryTM Rating Engine enables Carriers Achieve Rating Without Limits! iFoundry Rating Engine is a powerful enterprise platform that meets the most sophisticated demands of Insurance Carriers for developing, managing and transacting their rate plans, rules and logic.
To effectively compete and grow, Carriers need solutions that can help them with:
Managing sophisticated rating models without depending on IT programming
Tracking and controlling versions and applicability

Externalizing rates, rules and logic into a central rating infrastructure for the enterprise for speed-to-market and eliminating redundancies

iFoundry Rating Engine helps you:

Efficiently manage price points for
billions of unique combination of risk and
transactional characteristics
Apply versions based on any number of
criteria like State, Company, Segment,
Peril, etc.; Add new ones easily
Achieve enterprise-class, transactional
performance; Process millions of hourly
rating requests with commodity server
Learn More About iFoundry Rating Engine:
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Read about which of these commonly noted challenges resonate with
your organization’s Rating function
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Learn how iFoundry Rating Engine’s unique capabilities provide you
with a competitive edge
iFoundry fully automates ISO© provided Electronic Rating Content,
allowing carriers to rapidly launch and maintain rating for ISO© lines

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